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the broker’s guide to a client’s
financial well-being

Are your clients financially resilient?


Can you identify financially vulnerable customers who need advice and support to make the right choices?

A Money and Mental Health survey of 5,500 people found that 86% of respondents who experience mental health problems said their financial situation had made their mental health problems worse.

Having a lack of financial well-being can have serious detrimental effects on a person’s health, so what can we do to help? We’ve identified important areas where brokers can position themselves as advisers through the whole lifetime of a mortgage, to ensure clients are properly looked after and their best interests are reflected in the products they take out.


This guide covers:

  • Educating clients on managing their money effectively, with an eye on possible future shocks, as well as understanding the importance of long-term planning.
  • How to identify financially vulnerable people, and how brokers can support them in finding the right mortgage for their needs.
  • Where brokers can position themselves as advisers through the life of the mortgage, thus becoming a point of contact for referrals and a trusted source of good advice and sound financial products.


By downloading the Growth Series’ guides available on this website, you accept and agree that YBS Group give no warranties or representations concerning the documents, and accept no liability in relation to their use.


Download the broker’s guide to building their clients’ financial well-being

Thanks to Accord for doing the Growth Series. I think you've done a phenomenal job covering a lot of areas that we wouldn't have necessarily considered. So, great foresight and great support! ”

Danny Belton, Head of Lender Relationships, L&G Mortgage Club

We have found the Growth Series really useful. It is great to see a lender looking to help Brokers with the everyday aspects of growing their businesses rather than focussing on ‘Correct Submission sheet’ type issues which serve to help the lender more than the Broker. ”

Stuart Powell - Shore

Online review generator - the feedback is I love it, it's easy to use and prompts a customer to leave feedback. ”

Samantha Allnutt - Howard Financial

7 things brokers can do guide - just wanted to say this is really great stuff. ”

Robert Gill - The Mortgage Factory

The #GrowthSeries podcast is great! Any broker who is looking to grow their business and embrace the tech revolution should listen to it. ”

Ashley Borland - Bright Advice

Just a quick email to say how much I’ve enjoyed listening to the Growth Series Podcasts, useful information and tips in each episode and it’s great that support like this is invaluable to us. A big thanks to Accord for this. ”

Jonathon Evans - Mortgage Advisor - Kevin Ford & Co Ltd

The topic of Professional Indemnity Insurance is being raised in more and more conversations with us currently, including spiralling costs, increases in excesses and underwriters leaving the market. Making sure your business is ready for any future challenges will be key and Accord’s “5 tips for managing the cost of professional indemnity insurance for brokers” is relevant and very sensible advice. ”

Kevin Roberts - Director L&G Mortgages